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Interior Design

Each space in every project is designed to perfection, using the latest advancements architecture. From perfect floors to flawless ceilings, each design is unique in its own way.

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Architectural Design

Our clients benefit from our in-depth regional and local knowledge combined with deep experience in architectural design standards and international best practice.Our concept team will understand the client’s specific requirements and needs and then transform them into spaces efficient and well-organised floor plans and 3D models and detail these drawings incorporating Mechanical Electrical Plumbing systems and structural design to present the client with highly comprehensive architectural drawings.


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After planning we also execute the complete project. Our structure engineer will be on the site at the time of project execution. Our firm has hired the best technicians,  plumbers, carpenter, electricians, etc .

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Civil Engineering

If you have a construction project in mind, then you must look to hire construction services too. The best civil engineering consultants are the ones that hold not just expertise but experience too.

With DUJ Arch’s civil engineering consultants at your service, you will never have to worry about cost and budget overruns. This is because we help our clients allocate a specific budget before the project even begins.

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We also provide material in a great quality. DUJ Arch has many business partners that will provide the clients material with great quality and cheaper than others. Our team members will be there for you at the time of material selection to inspect the quality of the material.